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You should know what things are very important now a day. If you want to know anything else like News of weather, sports or you want to get idea how to develop your business, then you need to use internet. You may get various solution of your problem and you can discuss about that online on forum. If you are interested in cooking, then you can visit different websites where you will get various cooking recipes. Wireless is the best solution if you want to use internet without any cable. The internet connection can be installed in the smartphone or tablet PC by the Wi-Fi and you need a router to make that establishment.
When you buy a router or any networking device, then you must pay attention on the reputation of the device. You can view the product review and get various option/features in one router than others. Various routers are available in the market but you should buy the router under your budget. You should buy a router like Linksys. Because this is a popular brand and many models of routers are available from this brand. So, you will buy that router what suites you best.
Now you need to know about the router or the networking device what you have bought. You should learn all of the process of the configuration and all of the settings of the router. Internal settings are very important after the router configuration. You will not face any problem for your settings if you read the router manual properly. You should read all instructions and steps properly. You will not face any serious problem. In the router, you will get some papers which are also essential to read and you should flip the router to know all data of Login. When you flip the router, you will get the default username, IP address and password. You may get those things in the extra papers or in the manual
Different networking devices use different IP addresses and Linksys router is also use IP address and it is With the IP address, username and password are used for login to the router but only with the IP address, the user should add ping to check the connectivity of the router. The default IP address, username, password and other information can be changed but those will be necessary in some cases and later I will discuss all about those things. I suggest users not to change the default IP address early. The users need to use the default IP address for more reason.
If you want to know detail about your router, then you will get as IP address, username/password admin together. Those are remained as a link. But you have to use those things in different steps. You have to use a browser if you want to login to the router. You need to type the IP address on the address bar and when you press on the Enter button, then you have to use default username and password for log in to the router. Now you have to press on the Enter button again.
Now you to setup internet by the Wizard tool and you can use this tool for installation internet. Just keep putting some information step by step by clicking on the next button. If you want to setup all of the information manually then you have to give more time for this reason but it is not possible for all I suggest all of the router users to use wizard tool. When you have completed everything properly, you should save the data from the router control. You need to use all of data again and this is why, you should keep all those things for later use. After reset the router, you may need all of those things again.
Now you can enjoy your Wi-Fi network and use internet in multiple devices. But if someone start to use Wi-Fi internet, then what you can do. You should configure the device for Wi-Fi security. This is why, you have to login to the router again. Now you will get many features and options for securing your Wi-Fi. You should give the best Wi-Fi security for your router, then you can save the Wi-Fi network. You must use encrypted security WPA2-PSK. This is the latest feature and this is enough for securing your router. But you need to give some advanced security. MAC filtering process is the best option your router. You can control other smartphone, tablet PC or laptop. You can open and close door to access your Wi-Fi network by the MAC filtering tool for other devices. You also use hard password for your Wi-Fi. Because this secure your Wi-Fi. You can use password building tool which is available online.
You need to click on the reset button for reset everything of the router. All information of the router does not need reset, then you can do so. You should learn about the reset button from the manual to reset everything and partial. You may click the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds based on your demand. After reset everything once, you have to put information manually. Before that you have to use all default information for login to the router. However, by resetting the router, you can solve various problem quick. You need to know about the reset button before you start the reset. Read the troubleshooting chapter to know more about the reset the router and some of the necessary information what we need to know. You do not need to worry if you read all documents properly.
You should keep the default information as admin in somewhere. Because you need to use the default data again if you reset everything properly. Now you need to know correctly everything. If you find that the IP address is blocked, then you the IP address does not work. You should fix the problem. You need set the IP address from the same class and save it. Now you can try to use the IP address on the browser again. Now you can unblock the IP address from the firewall. So, you know many things quickly.
You must read the router manual if you want to overcome various problems which are added with the router. You must love to solve all of the trouble if you read the router manual. This article must encourage users to be smart to learn everything properly. You must not miss the papers which come in the router box.